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Our mission is to provide expert security services that exceed our customer expectations. We differentiate ourselves by attracting the best people.

Offering the very best in customer service and fostering long -term partnerships. We are committed to the principles of professionalism and integrity installed in us with due to our knowledge and experience in the security and we strive to make a positive impact to all out clients new and old at all times.


Experienced security company

We are a trusted and highly experienced security company with an intelligent and passionate approach to the security profession.

Employee assessment

Meticulous employee assessment ensuring the highest level of security is persistently maintained.

Guarding solutions

Committed to meeting the needs of UK business through the provision of permanent or temporary guarding solutions.

Tailor made security

We work closely with clients to tailor their security or investigation needs as opposed to providing a generic service.


Our Services

Static Security

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Mobile Response + Key Holding

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Guarding Services

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Events and Media

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Close Protection

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Collection Services

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Retail Security

Retail Security At Nationwide Security we offer a wide range of retail security services and understand that not only the safety of staff, customers and the security of property is paramount, but there also has to be a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere in order to encourage people to keep visiting. Retail security duties we offer: [...]

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